8 Types Of Rural Fencing: Which Fencing Is Right For Your Property?


Living on a farm or large acreage property means you’re likely to have different fencing needs to those in urban or metropolitan areas. Knowing these needs can help you to make an informed decision about the types of rural fencing you should be using.

Whether you’re worried about your animals getting loose or of trespassers wandering onto your property, there are a range of different types of farm fencing and acreage fencing ideas to help you find a perfect fit for your rural fencing. This helpful guide will point you in the right direction for a fence that ticks all your boxes.

The Different Types Of Rural Fencing

From wire, to post and rail, to aluminium and Colorbond fencing varieties, the material of the fence and what the fence offers plays a large role in selecting the right fence for you. Based on the type of animals you keep, your property’s size, and what kind of design you’re looking for, it’s likely you’ll install a fencing system that incorporates a number of different fencing types.

So let’s explore the different of types of rural fencing designed to suit all types of properties across our Western Australian landscape.

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Types Of Farm Fencing For Sheep And Horses: Post And Rail Fences

Post and rail fences are the classic types of farm fencing that you’ll find on rural properties, particularly at front gates and for fencing in horses and sheep.

  • Timber Post: Fencing that excels in being low maintenance while allowing your views to remain unobstructed, timber post and rail fences are affordable and keep your horses and sheep in while blending in with the natural surrounds.
  • Steel Post: An increasingly preferable option to timber in recent times, the benefits of steel as impervious to termites, fire-proof, and more difficult to damage makes the steel post and rail fences a lower maintenance and environmentally sustainable choice for your farm.
  • PVC Post: Similar to steel, PVC is long-lasting and evades rotting like timber might. PVC doesn’t need the constant upkeep of painting, staining, and sealing that wood requires. It can also be customised to suit your tastes, and because of its non-toxic, synthetic exterior, it provides you with a fence that will stand strong for years to come.
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For Your Cows, Chickens And Plants: Chainwire Fences

Conventional chainwire fences provide rural fencing ideas and options for marking out simple boundary lines around a property, garden beds, or for livestock enclosures.

  • Plain Wire: The most common type of wire fencing, the plain wire fence serves to secure stock and deter unwanted visitors from passing onto your land. Best for garden fencing and for use in chicken runs.
  • Woven Wire: The sturdier alternative to plain wire, woven wire fences are long-lasting, durable and easy to install and maintain. Another popular choice for livestock enclosures.
  • Barbed Wire: A type of woven wire fencing in which barbs are inserted, the barbed wire fence is used especially for keeping cattle enclosed. It’s also effective for deterring trespassers and keeping your animal escape artists from breaking free.
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Acreage Fencing Ideas: Aluminium Fences

Quality aluminium fences offer a tough exterior, vast flexibility, and great affordability when it comes to fencing off large properties. Available in slats, pickets, panels, or gates, aluminium is a popular choice Australia over for marking the parameters of your estate and maintaining your family’s safety and privacy.

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The Popular Choice: Colorbond Fences

Popular for fencing in rural, residential, and commercial properties Australia wide, Colorbond is made of five layers of strength and protection. An excellent alternative to aluminium fencing, with longevity, durability, weather resistance, and cost effectiveness on its side, Colorbond is a stylish and versatile option for acreage fencing ideas. This low-maintenance fence material is designed to resist the hardy Western Australian conditions, providing your property with privacy, noise reduction, and preventing trespassers from making an unwelcome appearance.

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How To Choose The Right Fence For You

Depending on your property’s needs, your budget, and what’s important to you, you might find a number of rural fencing ideas appeal to you. If you’re still unsure about choosing one over the other, then SureFence WA are the experts you need to help you find your ideal fencing solution.

Based in Perth’s northern suburbs, the team at SureFence WA provide fencing contracting services across WA. With 20 years of fencing behind us, we have the experience and know-how to bring the right rural fence to you.

Simply give us a call and one of our qualified technicians will be there to chat about your fencing needs, or head online for a free quote, and you could be on your way to your ideal fence before you know it.