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Chainwire Fence

This particular type of fencing is a very secure form of fencing and is a standard form of security fencing. Chainwire fence is a woven fence which is commonly made from galvanised steel wire. The wires run vertically but are woven in a zig-zag pattern to form the diamond appearance and are interlocking, creating a secure chain of wires. Standard security fencing specifications include 32mm steel tubular posts @4m spacings with Angle strut or Box strut strainers at the ends.

Other Names:

Chain link fencing; Chain wire mesh fencing; Chainmesh; Wire netting; Wire-mesh fence; Wire fence; Diamond-mesh fence; Cyclone fence


- Secure
- Flexible
- PVC Coated
- Extendable
- Low Maintenance

Chainwire fence is often installed at the following location types:

- Schools and childcare centres
- Industrial buildings
- Sports facilities including tennis courts
- Animal enclosures
- Acreage

Chainwire fence maintains the sense of openness and space making it a great option for any of the above locations. They are commonly PVC coated, which makes them look aesthetically pleasing in a residential or commercial environment.