What is Colorbond Made Of? Five Layers of Strength & Protection

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As a country known for its harsh conditions, is it any wonder Australians love Colorbond? The durable material has been fencing homes and roofing properties for decades, and more than just a pretty face, it’s also incredibly reliable.

But what is Colorbond made of? Is Colorbond aluminium with paint on it? And how well do these fences really resist corrosion? SureFence WA is here to answer all your questions.

Today, we look at the unique construction of one of Australia’s most trusted fences. And explore the benefits the Colorbond material and manufacturing process can bring to your property.

Five Layers of Strength & Protection

Colorbond is manufactured in Australia, tested in some of the harshest conditions our country has to offer, and made to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZZ 2728). Once a popular roofing material, Colorbond is now also known as a popular fencing option, providing security, privacy, and reliability for many properties.

But what is what is Colorbond made of? And how does it differ from the competition? Contrary to an outdated belief, Colorbond is more than just paint on steel. It features five layers of protection that give it its strength and dependability, each as important as the last. They are:

  1. Steel base. What material is Colorbond? Sturdy steel manufactured to Australian standards. At its core, the Colorbond material adheres to the grade and strength of these standards, giving you peace of mind.

  2. Metallic coating. Your Colorbond fence is then coated with BlueScope’s metallic layer. This special coating developed by an industry-leading steel manufacturer has Activate® technology, which gives it added corrosion resistance.

  3. Pre-treatment. This layer is added to help further coatings adhere to the steel better.

  4. Primer. Before it’s painted, a primer is baked onto the surface. Most importantly, it’s another layer that provides corrosion resistance to your new fence.

  5. Topcoat. A durable exterior grade paint is baked onto your Colorbond fence panel. It also helps it look good and resists blistering, flaking, and chipping, making it the perfect match for harsh Australian conditions.

With such a thorough manufacturing process and the highest quality and corrosion-resistant materials, it’s no wonder Colorbond fences have such a solid reputation.

The Benefits of Colorbond Material

Still on the fence? With over 50 years of experience surrounding Australian properties, these are the Colorbond benefits that might change your mind.

Suited To Australia

The many layers and unique design of the Colorbond panels mean it’s perfectly at home in Australia. The durable fence option resists hail, wind, rain, dust, and extreme heat and cold, one of the many reasons why Colorbond fences in Perth and greater WA are so common.

Beyond the typical culprits that can cause damage, Colorbond has been proven to resist the progress of fire. This peace of mind is especially appealing to those living in areas affected by bushfires, which many Australians do.

Continually Tested And Improved

Colorbond material is constantly improving, thanks to regular testing from BlueScope’s assessment program. With 12,000 panels exposed across Australia, it’s tested for durability, application, and corrosion. And when you choose a trusted supplier and installer of Colorbond, you’re also benefiting from this rigorous testing.

Built To Last

Thanks to its five unique layers and quality materials, Colorbond is truly built to last. Backed by BlueScope Steel, most fences and locations are covered by a 15-year warranty. But ask any homeowner with a Colorbond steel, and they’ll tell you that these fences usually last much longer.

Need to repair your Colorbond? It’s as simple as fixing the affected panel, which SureFence WA can assist with. And keeping it looking good is easy, with regular fresh water cleaning the only thing you need to do.

Affordable & Cost Effective

For all its durability, it’s also incredibly cost-effective. Most people find that spending the money for a Colorbond fence is an investment that lasts their home for decades to come.

Still wondering whether to go with Colorbond or aluminium fencing? The team at SureFence WA can answer any questions and provide a free quote, so you’ll have no surprises.

It Looks Great

Whether you’re fencing a rural, residential, or commercial property, the sleek Colorbond look is right at home. Its 15 shades were based on the Australian landscape and come in bold, light, and dark colours to match your surroundings. Plus, you can choose from panel styles and designs to suit your vision perfectly.

Reap the rewards of Colorbond on your property

Keen for Colorbond on your property? SureFence WA supplies and installs Colorbond and other fencing options across greater Western Australia. Contact our friendly, expert team to explore the possibilities.