The Ultimate Guide to Colorbond Fences

Black colorbond fence in Perth, WA.

Look down any street in your neighbourhood, subdivision, or the commercial precincts around you, and you’ll likely see a Colorbond fence. This instant Australian classic is durable and visually appealing, precisely what the doctor ordered in our sometimes unforgiving climate.

If you’re in the research stages of getting a new fence, you might have considered Colorbond fence installation. And if you ask us, it’s always a wise choice. To help, we’ve created this simple guide that covers all aspects of Colorbond fences, from installation to cost, so you can see if it’s the right fit for your property.

What is a Colorbond Fence Made Of?

As one of the toughest fencing options out there, Colorbond is made with multiple layers, each as important as the last. They include:

  • A core layer. Zincalume is a zinc aluminium alloy that prevents corrosion. This is where your Colorbond fences get their durability.
  • A primer. This helps the exterior grade paint on the surface stick to the steel.
  • An exterior paint. This heat-resistant paint is how Colorbond resists harsh temperatures, chipping, and flaking. As the paint is oven-baked, it’s even more protective and helps your fence look as good as new for longer.

Most importantly, this exterior paint comes in a variety of shades, and they’re pre-painted before they’re supplied or installed. For most customers, deciding which Colorbond colour is the hardest part of the whole process! At last count, there were 22 steel core colours to choose from and six in a premium matte finish, so you can have a lot of fun deciding.

Why Australians Love Colorbond

There are plenty of good reasons why these fences can be spotted securing Australian homes and businesses. Here are a few of the benefits of Colorbond fences you might have yet to consider.

  • Durability

Colorbond fences can last 20—30 years and sometimes more. And this toughness is essential in Perth and right across Western Australia, where our weather can be extreme. With heat and corrosion-resistant properties, it’s perfect for the outback.

  • Environmentally friendly

Worried about the environmental impact of Colorbond? There’s no need to be. Colorbond steel is 100% recyclable and is known as one of the most reused products in the world. Better still, it’s naturally termite-resistant, so you don’t need chemicals to protect your fence.

  • Versatility

Colorbond looks right at home, surrounding your boundary with privacy screening, securing a commercial property, or bordering a sparkling pool. As a decades-long trusted roof and fence material, there’s no shortage of ways you can use it.

  • Privacy and security

The two main reasons someone seeks a new fence are to increase the privacy and security of their home. Colorbond offers both benefits. The solid steel panels mean nobody can look through them, and they’re tough enough to keep unwanted visitors out.

  • Looks

The biggest appeal of a Colorbond fence is its aesthetics, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and style. In addition to coming in various colours, it’s a modern yet timeless design that pairs perfectly with all kinds of Australian homes.

How Much Does A Colorbond Fence Cost?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Colorbond is that it’s an expensive option. But while it might look more pricey than simpler wire or aluminium products, it’s pretty cost-effective. And as well as being affordable, it’s durable to boot and a savvy investment for any homeowner.

Even if an issue arises or the fence cops damage from wild weather, replacing single panels is a cinch, and you may be entitled to Colorbond fencing insurance work. And there are some simple maintenance measures you can use to keep it looking its best.

Wondering how much your dream Colorbond fence could cost? Reach out to the team at SureFence for a free quote.

The Colorbond Fence Installation Process

Colorbond installation is similar to the process used to install other fence types. It typically involves careful measurement, digging holes for posts, cementing them, and inserting the panels. Although it can be tempting to turn this into a DIY job, following a Colorbond fence installation guide online doesn’t always go to plan.

Opting for an expert to install your fence saves you time, money, and stress. Paying a little more to have Colorbond professionally installed means it’ll last longer, and the job will be done right the first time. SureFence can help with the whole process, from measurements to installation.

Speak to the Colorbond specialists

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